euric AG is offering for 20 years now various memory modules and components for industrial, medical, military and similar applications.

Furthermore we are offering WirelessLAN solutions, products for automotive use and commodity components as well. The fields we are working in can be divided as follows:


euric AG´s products portfolio includes a wide range of memory modules and cards like Solid-State-Disks, CompactFlash™, SD™ and ATA PC-Cards, USB-Sticks as well as Flash-Modules in different formfactors for nearly all available interfaces in the market. Furthermore euric AG is offering adapters and readers to connect the different memory cards to existing interfaces like IDE, SATA or similar.


Project based euric AG offers nearly the whole range of WirelessLAN products manufacturered by Wistron New Web.


For automotive use euric AG offers PNDs/PNAs for fleetmanagment systems as well as drive recorders and lane-departure-warning-systems for after-market.

Commodity components

With partners in USA, Europe and Asia, euric AG is able to find rare, obsolete and allocated active or passive components. Furthermore the sales of overstock components can be realised by our partners. With a German based laboratory, it is also possible to test or to refurbish electronic components. With a special procedure, it is also possible to conserve sensitive components for many years.

No matter what we are offering. High quality, longtime availability, reasonable support and stable delivery over years is our major focus.